don't you know who i think i am? (shes__henry) wrote in knees_up,
don't you know who i think i am?


I need some help finding a fic that I read ages ago (back when Dirty Pretty Things were a thing). It was about DPT, mostly - I'm pretty sure it was around Didz/Stan.
There was a dramatic story about why Didz left The Cooper Temple Clause - he and Ben were lovers, and Ben did something bad to Didz, so he left. While the story is told, TCTC released their last album, and there were scenes of Didz listening to the CD by himself, with lots of lyrics quotes - "why did you trust me with your heart?" - and it was very emotional. There was also this cute thing, that TCTC band members all called each other "Cooper". Please help me find this! :) Thank you ladies!
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