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bipolar!fic: prologue

Title: WIP[bipolar!fic] :: prologue

Author: faux_vive

Rating: PG-15, higher in later chapters.

Pairing: Peter/Carl, Peter/Drew, Peter/Drew/Carl, Carl/Anthony

Warnings: Suicide attempts, Selfharm, Swearing. I think that's all.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys. Neither is any of this at all real. It's all a vivid figment of my mind.

Beta: indie_cindie_45

Dedications: to indie_cindie_45, who was the person who really got me into The Libs, and obsessed with all elements of libs!land. And to the boys themselves, thanks to them for being such wonderful ports and artists, and lending themselves so easily to my imagination, and being such inspiring muses.

Author's Notes: so, well, this is my first real fic, so con-crit would be amazing. and also, i'm still trying to think of a title, so help would be very much appreciated. OH and i have crappy self esteem, so please comment, even if it's just to tell me you've read. and also to tell me whether you think i should continue, since i have doubts if my writing is good enough to continue.
as a side note, i base all manic depressive experiences on my own disorder, so do not expect this to apply to all, or even any other bipolars.

prologue:: faux-vive.livejournal.com/1645.html

p.s. if anyone can tell me how to make named links, they shall have cookies.

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