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Okay, I don't know if you all have seen this article, but, uh, basically it's Carl and Didz talking about slash, and how they're flattered to be part of it (really!) and, uh, I just have one question... why hasn't someone written "Carl Slays Dragon" yet? Come on guys, you can even make it suitable for this community by putting some porn in it... uh, not Carl/dragon, obviously, but we can have knight!Carl get all hot and bothered by squire!Stan or something... y/y?

And if nobody wants to write it, I've done it in pictures. I got a bit carried away as well, it's something like 13 pictures long.

Once upon a time, Didz and Stan hear a fearsome story about a horrible dragon.

Not liking anything that frightens his beloved American, Carl decides to fuck a dragon's shit up. Gary grabs a baseball bat, eager to help. And Stan writes on his chest to show the dragon just how punk he is. Punk as fuck, that is. In case the dragon didn't know and all. But since he can't write upside-down on his torso, he asks Carl to do it. Carl gets all sexually confused about it but really, really enjoys it.

Eschewing typical armor, which is for the WEAK AND UNMANLY, they all don some really fucking stupid outfits. (Gary does not participate in this bit. Gary has some sense. Gary is the only one who is going to live through this ordeal.)

Carl also puts on a helmet. Don't let appearances fool you, it's made of steel.

Didz puts on a helmet too. This one is NOT made of steel.

All for one and one for all! Our fearless boys head out on their quest.

Carl points the way to the dragon's lair.


Stan gets scared and hides. With his hair, he's clearly the damsel in distress.

Carl bravely defeats the dragon by dancing.

"My hero!" Stan gives Carl a hug that is full of gratitude. Also of sexual tension.

Carl discovers he has hurt his collarbone. At first he explains the whole dragon story when people ask him about it, but nobody believes him. Finally he just makes up a story about falling off the back of a motorbike. He's a bit offended when nobody is surprised by this new explanation. Stan continues to shower light affection on him anyway.

Carl finally gives in. And then they done sex, in a fade-to-black, PG-13 kind of way.
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