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modly goodness. because we DO care!

Alright, then. Given that good old LJ is suddenly a dangerous place for lolz people like ourselves, I'm being all modly (bet you didn't know you had a third mod, did ya?), have changed the user info (weep, children, weep - tho it has been backed up) and backed up the comm itself in a supersekrit locale not even your other two trusty mods know about, because silent and underhanded is totally my style.

Once we all recover from the current bout of, er, overzealousness plaguing the internet, things should go back to normal around here. In the meantime, consider the implications of all this brouhaha on oak trees and write fic about it.

You know DPT would, especially if they could also write about forget-me-nots at the same time.

Bonus points if you can do it all in cat macros.
Tags: modly goodness without cat macros
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