lara_aine (lara_aine) wrote in knees_up,

LJ Purge

Apologies for crossposting this but it might be important to some people. LJ has, in the past few days, been deleting a lot of accounts in an effort to remove illegal content related to paedophilia and pornography. Obviously there are a lot of unsavoury journals and comms that are been targeted for very good reason but the downside means a number of fic journals have gotten caught in the crossfire. As LJ seem to be purging purely based Interests a number of Harry Potter fandoms have been deleted because of having things like 'incest' and 'boylove' etc. in their interests. there's also a spanish reading group for the novel Lolita that was closed down.

It might be worth taking a few minutes to check there's nothing that could be considered iffy in your interests.

More details and links of comms that have been deleted can be found Here

Crossposted, so apologies if you read this more than once.
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