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knees_up's Journal

hey... at least we don't smoke crack.
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Disclaimer: none of this is true. We are making no money off this. Please don't send Alan McGee round.

We no longer wish you a puffin Christmas!


Rule 2. Do not talk about Fight Club...

Rule 3. ...but totes write AU about it.

Rule 4. Remember Rule 1.


Rule 6. No cooper temple clause slash. Or that band Stan used to be in. Or that band Carl used to be in. Gary's ex band is ok.

Rule 7:

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"""vintage""", aching wrists, actually liking carlos, adam green, allroadiesleadtotimmy, anthony's hair, apple desk lap thing, b.u.m.m.a., bad welsh accents, bang bang you're shit, being born in sinks, being louche, being really fucking normal, being up for days, black armbands, bowieisabitshort, breathethroughyourfuckingnose!, buffalo!, bumming is serious business, bumming is so mainstream, bumming much better live, cardiff is not wales, carl loves kurt cobain, carlos and the croissants, carlos ashley raphael barat, choking and smoking, climbing railings, condoms as water balloons, contemporary blake, corporate wank, credit where credit's due, crooning, death on the stairs, dependence and repentance, didz is a sellout, didz's fags, didz/anthony ha, dolphins killing sharks, don't even go there, don't mention my name!, don't you want it?, dpt slash i suppose, drinking while giving head, eyeing up your cigarettes, fanboys, fartoomuchontherider, fingering, flickknives, french children, fuck 'em!, gary's drinking problem, gettinglostinsidevenusinfurs, gin and milk, going to the crossroads, goingtothedarkside, guitar wank, handjobs aren't gay, hay-on-wye, he's not fat alright, horizontal stripes, ifshe'sgotabrother, in-jokes yay hahaha!, ipods stuck on japanese, it is fucking 'tawdry', it's a fucking trumpet, jamesons, johnny fucking borrell, just handjobs, lacing up my coffee, lalalalalala, leather, looking after carlos, losing at the internet, lying about your age, lying about your height, lyrics are better live, manly dinosaurs, massive fucking heroin connotations, mexican driving licenses, namedropping, nando's, neverreallylikeditanyway, no bumming for didz, no bumming honest, no i don't mind, not an alcoholic really, not being pete doherty, not dots, not france, not mentioning pete doherty, not narcissists, not pinching user interests, not varying the setlist, notsmokinglikeaposer, overcompensating tour buses, paris, patronising koalas, phallic symbolism eh?, pheremones, pirates, play fucking plan a, pleasedon'ttakeusseriously, political anthony, postwar glamour girls, preferred your earlier bumming, proceed to battleships, ready brek, recreational sex, restraining orders, saving it for peter, selling out for carlos, six foot one really, smalltown playboys, smoking while giving head, smoking's really sexy, so..., stacked heels, stan gives great head, stealing wireless internet, stoptalkingyou'reconfusingme, straight fanboys, sub!carl, sycophants and vampires, talkthroughyourfuckingmouth, that's a bit gay, the fucking nme, the princelings, the velvet underground, thecoopersarebetteroffwithoutdidz, traipsing, trigger happy scene, two world wars down, typing like carl talks, u.s. foreign policy, union jacks, very interesting concept albums, we like them really, we love roger sargent, we win the internets, weirdinabummingway, what's your favourite dinosaur?, where'sthefuckingaftershow?, who's got the clap?, whothefuckispetedoherty, writing on carlos, wtf is rate-rape, you fucking love it, you're fucking rubbish, youadvertisedloveyoucouldn'ttakeit, youlooklikejudelawyouknow